Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I was supposed to...

1.  Post Ms Maples' Friday Round Up for last week.  With Master J on school holidays, chauffeuring him to play-dates, having what felt like the neighborhood at my house, sleepovers, crafting, bake-a-thons, etc, all while somehow attending to Baby A, didn't give me a single minute to even collect my thoughts.  God bless teachers and all they do -- so, so grateful school went back Monday ... if Master J ever gets there that is!  Details below.

2.  Get a haircut last Thursday.  Had to leave the salon just before we were about to start the cut, as Baby A refused to go down for his afternoon nap with my neighbor and had worked himself up into an hysterical frenzy.  Thankfully, the color had been done and my hair washed.  The girls at the salon had my hair blow dried in about 5 minutes -- it was all hands on deck and blow dryers on maximum heat/speed!

3.  Get a much deserved manicure and try a new line of Shellac-type nail polish on Saturday - Color Couture.  This time I got the call to come home from Hubby who was visiting over the weekend.  Baby A was SHREIKING in the background.  I had picked my polish out and everything - it was called Ms Fancy Pants -- pink with glitter!!!

Note:  Manicure was at the same salon where I get my hair done.  I had to leave mid-service twice in one week.  Thankfully, the girls like me.  They suggested I just bring Baby A with me next time.  Good idea.
Forget everything you know about manicures and take your art to the next level.
Color Couture combines the long-lasting, high-gloss durability of gel with the ease and versatility of enamel.
No smudging, no chipping, and no dry time. Its everything you love about color. Only better.

4.  Go for an early dinner on Saturday night with Hubby and the boys to St Katherine's - the Mediterranean restaurant of acclaimed Australian chefs George Calombaris and Shane Delia.

At 2.00 pm, Master J had a ragging fever of 39 degrees C --  there was no way we were going out for dinner.  The poor darling was sick again ... and still is.  We were back at the GP this afternoon and he's on antibiotics.  With a bit of luck, he'll be back at school by Thursday (!).
Oh, what I could have had ...
Source: www.stkatherines.com.au

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  1. So sorry the plans did not work out.. never mind though - always next time to visit St. Katherines and hope that all sickness has left the house ! XX